There’s nothing more interesting and cuter then choosing the clothes for your baby boy. Although, you may think that choosing clothes for girls is much more fun than choosing the clothes for boys, it’s actually not true.There are hundreds of outfits you can choose for your little ones depending on the occasion. From pint-sized trousers and unique T-shirts to tiny vests and collared shirts, there are multiple options you can choose from. However, besides taking care of little people fashion, it’s also important to pay a close attention to not only the quality of the clothes we choose for our babies but also to how practical and appropriate they are for different seasons.


How many pieces of clothing does your baby need

Many moms don’t really have a clear idea how many clothes to buy for their baby, especially if that’s their first child. Here, we have made the list of the essentials that any mother to be should get:


Six singlets

Six jumpsuits

Three tops

Two nighties or jumpsuits for nightwear

Two cardigans or jackets

Three cotton bunny rugs

A few pairs of socks

A couple of cotton hats


Have fun with unique T-shirts

The easiest way to add some personality to your baby boy is to have fun with a variety of T-shirts. There are so many different T-shirts with fun art, animals, lyrics, various patterns that you can choose from. They will immediately change the boy’s outfit and make him stand out. Naturally, it’s always better to choose the colors that will match the boy’s eyes and the character as well. Also, make sure you choose simple T-shirts or find some vintage ones that would really make a difference.


Play with different colors and patterns

Although most moms dress their baby boys in blue, green or neutral colors like beige and grey, things don’t have to be so simple. Experiment with different patterns like polka dots and stripes. But, always try to stick to the same color, because otherwise, you may create a counter effect. Have fun but don’t overdo it.


Accessorize them

While girls get to have all the fun with accessories like big bows and headbands, boys can accessorize as well. There is a wide selection of fashionable accessories in a boy department in almost any children’s clothes store like hats, beanies, belts and bow ties ideal for some special occasions. They are super stylish and adorable ideas that you simply won’t be able to resist.


Choose comfortable shoes

Finding the shoes that will be both comfortable and stylish isn’t really an easy task. If your baby boy is learning how to walk, then you have to pay particular attention to not only the size but also shape and the material they are made of. You can always go for a cute pair of lace-up sneakers that come in a variety of colors and styles. They both look smart and are easily matched with almost any outfit.


Refresh each outfit with different pants

The most comfortable are the loose cotton pants, because it enables your boy to freely crawl and play in the sand, and, generally, move much more easily than in jeans. Your little ones will step out in style with a wide range of pants form khaki, stripes, and different shades. These are ways to liven up a look and find the perfect combination for your cutie.



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