Dressing up your little princess is nothing but fun. Although your baby girl still doesn’t know much about fashion, dressing her up will brighten your day and make the time you spend together even more amusing. Whether you are looking for something casual, trendy or unique, there is a solution for every occasion.

No matter whether you are already a mother or about to become one, you must be wondering what kind of outfits can you try for your girl. You can get really creative and create a variety of costumes just by matching different pieces of clothing. To help you find inspiration, here we have rounded up a few tips and tricks how to create an adorable outfit your baby girl.


Choose comfy clothes

It’s not always practical to dress your baby in nice dresses and fancy outfits, especially during those days when you just stay at home and play. Besides pajamas, there are different pieces of clothing that are simple, cozy and comfy and that will help your baby move with ease.

A pair of legging, cute little sweatshirt dresses are still lovely but not cozy enough to wear on a daily d=basis. After all, the most important thing is that your baby girl feels good in the clothes she is wearing.


Accessories don’t have to be only for the grown ups. From headbands and colorful leggings to small pursues and headband There is a wide range of those cute little accessories that you and your daughter can experiment with. With the right accessory, you can add some style to almost any outfit. Also, don’t shy away from using different colors and patterns because they will only spice up the look and make all the dressing up even more amusing.


Play with dresses

The good thing about having a baby girl is the opportunity to experiment with a wide selection of dresses. From polka dots and stripes to vintage patterns and oversized buttons, there are hundreds of adorable dresses you can choose for your little one. If you have some free time, you can even try and make some of your own. There are many tutorials that can help you create astonishing cute little dresses and that you can make by using some of your own clothes that you no longer wear like polo shirts or even a man’s shirt turned into a beautiful and trendy dress for your little cutie.


Floral clothing

Floral printing is always a vintage option not only for grown-up women but also for little girls. Floral clothing is an always a great choice especially during those warm spring and summer days when everything is bursting with life. A pair of shorts with colorful flowers or floral dresses can be easily matched with some nice wellington shoes when it’s the rainy season or a nice pair of shoes. On top of that, you can liven up the look by adding a nice flowery headband but make sure you don’t go over the top since one flowery accessory is just enough to make the entire look stunning.


Choose natural materials

Naturally, in winter you need to look for warm and comfortable clothes that are made of a  bit heavier material so as to keep colds at bay. Small children have a weak immune system and therefore should be protected from low temperatures. The best way to take care of your baby’s health during colder days is to buy a high quality and efficient clothes made of wool and pure cotton and simply wrap them in sweaters and cardigans of all kinds so that you don’t have to worry about whether they are feeling cold or not.


Go for a nice pair of leggings

Another thing you can experiment with when it comes to dressing up your girl is legging. Leggings come in so many different styles and patterns that you will have a hard time choosing the ones that will fit your daughter perfectly. But, whichever you choose, they can always be easily combined with a nice t-shirt or even a skirt. Also, leggings are probably the safest and the most practical piece of clothing when it comes to the little girl’s clothes because they keep your daughter warm in case the temperature suddenly drops or if he is playing in a sand where it’s not really appropriate to be in a dress.


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