It won’t be long before your baby will be ready for solid foods. “Baby” cereal and soft cooked thinly pureed fruits and veggies should be first baby solid experiences. While commercial baby foods are easily accessible and convenient for everyday baby meals, the downside of it is that it is full of additives and lacking in necessary vitamins and nutrients that are lost during food processing. That’s why its always advisable to use your own culinary skills and make your own baby food that delivers valuable nutrition and tempting flavors. If you have a lack of ideas what to prepare for your sweetie, here we’ve rounded up some of the fastest and tastiest recipes that your baby will adore.


Banana puree

Bananas have a smooth and squishy texture that enables babies to mash it easily between their gums. Being rich in potassium and fiber, they are ideal first solid food for babies, after they have tried a few veggies. You can serve banana puree plain or you can mix it with cereal. Make sure you choose bananas with blemish/free yellow peel because they are always fresh. Another thing that distinguishes banana form the fest of baby foods is the fact that it is known as one of the natures owns antacids. Make sure you don’t overdo it because it can cause constipation.



Oatmeal, which is rich in manganese, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids, is a perfect choice for your baby regardless whether its 4 or 12 months old. If you are serving the oatmeal for the first time, choose whole grains. It’s easy to prepare and your baby will definitely love it. You can prepare it in a few easy steps: 1. Cook oatmeal with more water than usual 2. Dilute with breast milk 3. Mash with a fork to serve. Oatmeal is high in energy and it improves the immune system. Also, it is a good supply of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


Baked sweet potato puree

It is well-known that sweet potato is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber and will therefore hugely benefit your baby. If you add some milk or even water, you will make it even more yummy and delicious for your little one. Naturally, avoid potatoes that began to sprout since it probably means they are old. Potato puree is an easy way to balance herbal flavors of green veggies. You can even try mixing the potato with peas, carrot, broccoli and green beans. These veggies will make it more creamy.


Banana and avocado puree

Once your baby turns seven months, you can try pairing avocado with banana. While avocados are rich in fats, bananas are loaded with potassium and vitamin C. Subtle sweetness from banana combined with healthy fats from avocado will make it a wonderful first baby food. Yogurt can be added for the protein boost. This perfect combination is packed with nutrients that help in bone, heart and brain development and the bonus is that it is easy to make.


Organic yogurt

You can introduce yogurt to your baby when it is seven months old. Its an excellent early source of protein and is also high in calcium and probiotics to keep your baby’s digestion healthy. If you want to keep your baby safe from chemicals and hormones that can be found in regular yogurt and that can do harm to your child’s development, make sure you buy organic one. Yogurt is also a great mix of apples plus cinnamon or butternut squash plus thyme.


Baby cereal

Cereals are very good for your baby’s health because they are packed with iron. Generally, babies are born with iron but they start losing it when they are 6 months old. Since breastmilk doesn’t contain enough amount of iron needed for the baby s development, the easiest way to provide your baby with nutrients is to prepare some homemade baby cereal. The cereals are appropriate for the babies at the age of 4 to 6 months and they are really easy to prepare. Try to use short-grain brown rice because it cooks up more soft than does long or medium sized rice.


Pasta Pastina

Older babies are ready to start eating pasta. Pastina is a very small sized pasta you can find in almost any supermarket. It’s really practical and you can mix it with pureed banana, peaches, applesauce or sweet potato. If your baby is old enough try adding small dices of soft tender cooked meats in it.Your baby will love it.




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