In the early weeks after the baby is born, the only things most parents think about are whether the baby is well fed and whether he or she has had enough sleep. However, very soon the baby becomes interested in the world that surrounds it and needs to be entertained. During the first three months, babies are learning about the world around them, they start developing their cognitive skills. To help your baby go through the first development stages, try out some of the games that will boost their development and make your time with your baby even more entertaining. Be mindful that many games won’t work the first time you play them. You need to repeat them a few times before your baby become comfortable playing them.

Check out some of the best games you can play with your sweetie pie.


Let’s look at stuff


In the first few months after the baby’s birth, the babies are getting familiar with the world that surrounds them. They like looking at things and touching them. This is all part of the development of cognitive skills. Babies love everything from spoons and boxes to empty bottles of shampoos or detergent and books. Keep a stack of such things besides you and play with your baby. Keep in mind that reading books at this age to your baby doesn’t have any particular effect because baby’s attention span is really short at this stage. They will only grab the book and close it or throw it away. This is a normal reaction because they don’t still understand what the book for.


Communication games


Baby’s attention changes over the time but it also depends on the baby’ character. To get their attention to speak in a high pitched ton, sing a song and describe all the action you are doing. For example, describe your actions as you dress, feed and bathe your child. Teach your baby about body parts by holding a doll and pointing out all the parts of the body. Give your baby a lot of face to face time and show the pictures of your family members. In this way, you are not only teaching them about the world and the people that surround them but you are triggering their reactions and arousing their emotions.


Outdoor adventures


Although your baby is not always in a mood to spend some time in the open air, make sure you go out with your baby as often as you can because it is both healthy and fun. Spending some time outside in nature will prevent you from thinking about all the household chores you need to do and let you become more attuned with your baby. Lift your baby out of the stroller and put a leaf on their hand or let them touch a tree trunk. This will give your baby a sense of what the world is made of instead of only looking at things. You can also talk about the things you see and call them by their names so that your baby can pick up the first few words and connect them to objects.




If you feel your baby is not in a good mood and there is nothing that can cheer it up and make them stop crying, try to dance. Put on some music that your baby will like, put them in a sling or your arms and start dancing. They will love it. At first, they will enjoy soft swaying and later you may swing them in the air gently. Make sure you don’t shake your baby because this will only spoil their mood. Studies show babies are soothed by the sound of your singing so they will enjoy the sounds while watching you dance and goofing around.



Best baby games you can play with your little one

Peekaboo is probably one of the most entertaining games you can play with your little one at almost any early development stage. Babies simply adore this game. Cover your face with your hands or a piece of cloth and let go of enthusiastic “Pikaboo!”. Babies love to be surprised and this game will surely put a smile on your baby’s face. You can also introduce toys in this game. For example, cover your baby’s favorite toy with a blanket and ask your baby “Where’d it go?” This will allow your baby to learn about new objects as they explore hallways and rooms and become aware of the space and the things that are around them.

These are only some of the games you can frequently play with your teenie weenies whenever you feel they are feeling grumpy or not willing to do anything else. It will cheer them up and make them more awake.



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