Can your baby K’tan? This is the OG Baby Carrier Wrap that will cradle your little one to sleep.


This is the OG Baby Carrier Wrap that will cradle your little one to sleep.

As a mom of a 5-week old boy, this is among the top 10 baby items that make things work in our house. I bought this baby carrier after my husband’s friend recommended it to us. We were at wit’s end with an inconsolable and overtired baby that wouldn’t nap unless being held.

I like this product because it gives you the look and a feel of a wrap without actually being a wrap. It is also lightweight and it is so much better than other products that require you to become a contortionist or make wearable origami, which I’m terrible at. If you hate wrapping and want something snug and easy, then K’tan is for you. It’s half assembled so you don’t have to tie it around.

My boy loves it – he is instantly calm after being secured in the carrier and normally falls asleep within a couple minutes. He stays calm and warm while we prep dinner, do laundry and grocery shopping, and it allows for more bonding time with the baby. The K’tan has lots of different positions and I most often use it for the ‘hug’ position, which seems to be the comfiest for me and my son.

I’ve only used this in the house and on short walks, but as my baby gets older I’m sure I will use in other scenarios too. We also really like the ease of this carrier. It’s super simple to whip out of the little package it comes in (love that the pouch is part of the set–so nice for travel!), put on and slide the baby in. This carrier has been a life saver for me and my husband, and we would definitely recommend it to any parents looking for a solution to still care and interact with their baby hands-free. It fits great and it’s ergonomic! Baby is cosy and I feel confident grocery shopping or whatever with the baby tucked snuggly in this.

As for the size, it was not easy to pick the right one. I am 5ft and approximately 125 lbs and I really struggled to decide between XS and SM and decided on the XS based on size chart. The downside is my husband cannot wear this, it’s too tight for him, so we ordered a medium as well. But definitely order a size down if you’re on the lower end of their sizing. Like most baby carriers, both you and baby will get hot after using it for a while and the fabric will stretch so your baby will eventually hang lower. I definitely recommend purchasing the size that feels snug when you wear the baby. Once it stretches, just wash it as directed, and then it’s back to normal again. I have been using it for 4 weeks non-stop and have washed and dried it many times and it has held its shape and colour. As for portability, the pouch packs perfectly into my regular sized satchel, which I have been using as a diaper bag, and it takes up very less space.

The only negative point about this carrier is that you can’t share it because it’s not adjustable. So, if you need your husband to wear it, you either have to order two of these in different sizes or purchase the adjustable one. Also, the fabric can bunch up a bit on the sides, but it can quickly be fixed without much trouble. The fabric is warm, but the summer weather is cool where we live.

The instructions are a tad confusing so I watched the Baby K’tan tutorial on YouTube before attempting to place my baby in the wrap for the first time. It took about three times placing my boy and wearing the wrap before I felt really comfortable getting him situated in it, but now we can do it on the fly and it takes less than a minute. So, yes, it takes some getting used to but after a few tries, it works great!

In general, I was happy with this product and would use it again if I have another baby. Once you get the hang of putting it on right, it’s pretty easy to wear.

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