Land of babies is a site aimed at all the parents and the parents to be who are about to enter the world of parenthood. Being a parent is a wonderful adventure, full of beautiful and memorable moments, but at times there are also many challenges you as a parent will have to deal with on that road. We are well aware of how overwhelming it can get when you are nurturing your child and helping them to grow and develop into a unique person. We know how daunting it can be when you are totally sleeping-deprived or when you are making decisions about your baby’s name. But we also know that in order to be a good parent you first need to take care of yourself and educate yourself so that you will be fully prepared for the adventure you are about embarking. Although Nobody said that being a parent is an easy task and nobody prepared you for the weeks and months of parenthood, there are many useful tips that can help you ease the transition. From not knowing what to expect during the nine months of pregnancy to having dilemmas about how to name your baby there are hundreds of question you need answers to and we are here to offer you the answers. We created this site to support you and guide on the road of beginning your life with your newest family member. Once you step into the world of parenthood, you will start getting a lot of advice from the friends and relatives that surround you, but that can sometimes be confusing. We will help you resolve your dilemmas, learn about the beauty of parenthood along the way and thrive as a parenthood. Feel free to drop us a line!

Predict Your Baby’s Eye and Hair Color