Preparing a baby shower is not only the cutest thing that can happen to you but also an excellent occasion to gather all your closest friends and family. While Baby shower used to be a small gathering with only a few female friends, today it has turned into a real themed party where you can experiment with hundreds of inspiring ideas. Whether you are preparing a baby shower for a boy or a girl, there are many themes that will turn your baby shower into the unforgettable and memorable experience. From preparing a Sunday brunch to safari jungle there are many themes to suit everyone’s taste. Still, with so many ideas to choose from, finding the one that will make your baby shower special may be overwhelming. That’s why we rounded up top five baby shower ideas that should make your decision making easier.

1. Sophisticated black and white

Although some might say that black and white is a too serious combination of colors for a baby shower, there is actually a cute background story behind it. It started with a honeybee and turned into a modern and sophisticated party for grown-ups. If you want to cut out all the cuteness and make your baby shower elegant for your future prince or princess than this color palette is a perfect choice for you. These ideas are really inspiring and you can always add a pop of some color to it or play with interesting picture frames and cute black and white portraits of baby animals. Consider adding a sprinkle of gold color to it. This should make your baby shower even more appealing.



2. Book themed baby shower

If a mom to be is a book lover, you may consider organizing a book themed party where all the guests will bring the books as presents for a baby. But, not just any books, but books mommy used to love when she was just a kid. No matter whether you wish to organize a baby shower in a restaurant or at home, decorate a space with your favorite colors and use materials such as ink and paper to create the magic that happens in books. Books give guests something to talk about. To make things even more interesting make the invitations look like library cards and get bookish decorations including banners and centerpieces.

3. Sprinkle showers

The sprinkled themed baby shower is increasing in popularity. Think about sprinkle/filled votives, photo booths with brightly colored long skinny balloons, sprinkle/covered cakes, and sprinkled doughnuts. Don’t forget the rainbow confetti and sprinkle the mom to be in decor. You can even make your own confetti filled balloons in a few easy steps. You can delight each guest with their own balloon. Make sure you “sprinkle” a new mom with all the necessities she needs for her little one.

4. Tropical Theme

Summer is a perfect season for throwing a tropical baby shower. The weather is perfect for organizing a party somewhere in the open air, in a backyard or some garden. Add mini pineapples to your tablescape and many painted and colorful balloons to add up to the atmosphere. Decorate the table with some bright summery colors like green, pink and yellow and highlight the elements of nature that dominate during the summer. Make the atmosphere even more attractive by making cute tropical printables thank you tags, signs, games and much more. Bring the outdoors in with fresh flower arrangements and add palm leaves to our tables and chose just the right fruit for a tropical flair.

5. Fashion inspired baby shower themes

One of the these that has recently caught much attention is a baby shower theme inspired by fashion. Although this theme may seem more appropriate for baby girls, you can even throw a baby boy shower party inspired by boys fashion. There are many famous fashion brands you can use as an inspiration for your parties such as  Burberry, Prada, Pink Tiffany, Coco Chanel and others. From pink diamonds table confetti and Pink Baby and Co Baby Shower Invitations to Burberry inspired Thank You cards and Boho inspired Paper Straw Mix, there are hundreds of ideas you can use to make this party special for the little ones and their mothers.



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