Although a baby shower can sometimes be an overwhelming task, it’s definitely the perfect opportunity to throw the cutest party of your life. For all the moms to be this can be a really challenging task because they have to think of some creative idea how to organize an entire party, especially because there are so many options out there. From ideas inspired by baby animals and classic storybooks to theme parties and gender reveal parties, there are hundreds of inspiring ideas you can choose for your baby shower. Here, we’ve rounded up ten amazing ideas that will tap into the sweetness of the occasion and please everyone on your guest list.

1. Guess the baby name

Send out invitations to your guests explaining that they need to bring a picture of themselves as babies. Once the guests arrive, collect all the photos, assign the number to each picture and post it on the wall. Have each guest guess which photo corresponds to which guest. The person with the most matches is the winner.


2. Wildcard

Create a fun animal shower theme with all your favorite safari animals as motives. You can make small bags and cupcakes with animal stickers and decorate the room with the modern safari theme.


3. Storybook shower

Throw a shower with a bookish theme. Send out invitations to your guests pointing out that they need to bring their favorite children’s book and inscribe a note it. In this way, everyone will contribute to your baby’s future library and it will mean a lot to you and your baby.


4. Cotton candy gender prediction game

There are many versions of gender prediction game where you ask your guests to predict the gender of your baby. In one of them, you can have each member guess the gender by choosing either pink or blue cotton candy. It’s fun and everyone gets a treat.


5. Sprinkle showers

This baby shower theme is becoming more and more popular both in words and decor as well. Sprinkle-covered cakes, adorable photo booths with sprinkled brightly colored balloons and sprinkle-filled votives are just some of the ideas that can make your sprinkle shower mind-blowing.


6. Guess the baby food game

Involve your guests in the game by having them guess the baby food. For this, you will need jars of baby food with guessing cards on them, and make your guests taste and write the food they think is in the jar. The person with the correct answers is the winner. This is a simple and creative way to make your guest laugh and enjoy their time together.


7. Create a candy bar


One of the ways you can spice up your baby shower is to serve the food in a help-yourself style and dress your table in a festive way. Find a local baker who specializes in creating unique finger food desserts and add your special touch to everything. To add some style to it, play with metallic or gold and make sure it looks fantastic.


8. Pompoms

Pompom craze is getting bigger than ever. You can experiment with different colors and sizes and glue them basically on everything from a blanket and a tea towel to onesies and food table. You can put them literally everywhere where you think they will make the biggest impression on your guests. Luckily, there are numerous tutorials on how to create your own quick and easy pompoms.



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